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December 2019: Marketing major plans to use new business skills by working in logistics

Daémonét Wright

DaéMonét Wright

Hometown: I am originally from Mt. Vernon, NY, but I moved to Warner Robins, GA in the middle of junior year of high school.

What did you enjoy about your classes and your major? I enjoyed the class sizes and the professors the most. Being able to interact with my professors and go to them for advice and knowledge was an asset to me. I love that there are so many subcategories that go into Marketing; the types of careers are limitless, and I was able to take different types of courses. 

Why did you enjoy Marketing courses? I enjoyed my classes because of the variety that was given; whether they were required or not. I was able to be challenged, but also to show my creativity when it came to projects.

Which professor made an impact on you and how? The professor that has made the most of an impact on me is Dr. Fontenot. I was hesitant about taking her because of what others have said, but she’s great! She really helps students prepare for the real world, she’s great at giving advice, and I enjoyed the course work.

What are your career plans after graduation? After graduation I will be working for Robins Air Force Base as a Logistics Management Specialist and I will be attending Grad School.

How will your experience at GC help you succeed in your career? I will be taking and applying everything that I learned at GC to help with my career field. Even though I am a Marketing major, taking a handful of management courses, are helping me with my career work.  Also, leadership, teamwork, problem solving, and communication are some things that I will be taking and apply those to my new position as well.

What is one thing you will miss the most from your time in college? I’ll miss campus life the most, and my friends. I was able to join a lot of campus organizations that cultivated me to pursue a lot of different hobbies, and that’s how I met my friends. I will also miss the library; that was my favorite place on campus.  

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