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December 2019: Mass communication major made the most out of college


Estefania Herrera


Hometown: I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, but grew up in Cumming, Georgia. Now, my family lives in Marietta.


Major/minor: Mass communication with a double minor in Spanish and marketing.


Why Georgia College? Early on in High School, I decided I loved media and wanted to pursue a career in it. When looking at schools in Georgia, I looked into the major and thought mass communication would be a good fit. I also loved Georgia College, because it felt like the perfect size for my personality. I knew I could be a big fish in a small pond. 


Internship: I spent last summer with the integrated marketing and brand partnerships team at CBS Television Stations in New York City. This fellowship program provided me with opportunities I couldn't have dreamed of in my wildest dreams. Some of the coolest things I did were to go to tapings of Good Morning America, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyer and The View.


Academic Honors/Activities: During my time at Georgia College, I made it a goal of mine to be involved and make the most of my collegiate experience. I was on the executive boards of GC Miracle, PRSSA, Spectrum PR and Alpha Lambda Delta. I was also the founding President of Alpha Gamma Delta. Additionally, I was involved with the GIVE Center, Phone-A-Thon, Sigma Delta Pi, Lambda Pi Eta, Love Your Melon and the Language Lab.


Favorite class: One of my favorite classes was my GC2Y which was “Global Perspectives: Theatre and Social Change.” It allowed me to get back to one of my favorite hobbies, which is acting. My professor even convinced me to audition for “Directing Scenes,” and I made my one-hit-wonder appearance at the Black Box Theatre in a show called, "Baby Food." 


Most memorable moment: One of my best memories in college was my freshman year Dance Marathon. It was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life, and it sparked a fire in me that I carried with me for the rest of my time at Georgia College.


Key to success in college: Well, one of the tricky things about college is there’s no roadmap or ‘right way’ to succeed. But that is honestly the beauty of it. The key to success is to love yourself and never forget to take care of yourself. There are moments in college that are horrible, and there are others that are wonderful. But there’s something so special about being able to step back and have those moments with yourself. Remind yourself that your worth is not measured by your GPA or social status but, rather, by how you see yourself. 


Advice for students starting college: Don't stress and enjoy it. I look back and reflect on my collegiate years and see I would sometimes stress about the smallest things that ultimately carry no impact on my life now. As an overachiever, I personally forgot to enjoy college sometimes. I was so focused on making sure I was going above and beyond in school and extracurriculars that I put having fun on the back burner. Try to find a balance. But, honestly, at the end of the day, just enjoy the ride, because it goes by in the blink-of-an-eye. 


Future plans: To be quite honest, I never imagined walking across that stage without an offer letter in hand. But, again, this is one of those moments where you just have to trust the process. I plan on continuing the job search to find an entry-level marketing job in New York City. Until then, I’ll be having a much-needed break at home celebrating the holidays with those I love. 

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