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December 2019: Political science major prepared for a career in government

Matt Krackenberger

Hometown: Cumming, Georgia

Major: Political Science

What political science classes did you enjoy the most?  I enjoyed all my political science classes, because given the current era of politics we live in, it's interesting and helpful to examine our current government through academic and historical lenses.

What was your title in SGA? I served as a senator.

What did you like most about serving on SGA? I enjoyed knowing I was part of something bigger than myself. For thousands of students, I was the conduit to the upper echelons of the university.

How do you feel serving on SGA will help you in your career? Politicians are just older versions of student government members, so learning how to work with members now will sharpen my interpersonal skills for a career in government.

Which professor made an impact on you and how? Dr. Hank Edmondson has impacted me by forcing me to challenge my beliefs by viewing them through different perspectives. His classes left me curious enough to keep asking questions and always remain open to new information.

What are your plans after you graduate from Georgia College? For the time being, I plan to continue my fellowship where I do communications including writing a daily newsletter, scripts for video, speeches and letters of recommendation with Stacey Abrams' Fair Fight group in Atlanta. I'm also applying for a full-time position there.

Which did you learn from Georgia College that you can apply in your profession? I learned that intellectual curiosity and the desire to learn more are essential to success.

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