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Game Creators brings technology-driven students together

Members of Game Creators

Gathered around the projector, President Justin Hentz shows off the latest changes to a video game currently titled "GC Labyrinth Game." Various club members chime in on the mechanics of the game and share ideas to make it better. While it may sound like something you would do for a class project, these members are all a part of the Registered Student Organization (RSO) Game Creators and they enjoy the opportunity Georgia College provides that allows them to follow their passion.

"Game Creators is a club all about making games," said President Justin Hentz. "We make both digital and virtual games; it all depends on what the members want to do for the current project."

Game Creators has been a club on Georgia College's campus for many years. Over its history, several board games have been created. Recently, the club shifted towards video game creation.

Justin Hentz
President of the Game Creators, Justin

"Last semester we made an arcade game called Marble Mayhem while this year we are working on an ambitious Rouge-Lite style game."

The club serves as a way for people who are interested in game creation to learn more about what goes into video game production. Members who have more experience with html code teach newer members the skills needed to make games in order that they can help create too.

Typically during meetings, members will go over progress on current projects and discuss what to do next. These meetings are open discussion style, so anyone can pitch in ideas or opinions. 

One of their recent successes was a video game named, 'Marble Mayhem.' The game was designed as an arcade style game in which the player has to survive as long as he can on a platform. Enemy marbles try to knock the player off, and the player has to knock them off to get more points.

"It was a fun challenge to create the AI for the game, and the whole project turned out really nice."

This community of gaming creators have a love of technology at their core. Two members have plans of working in the gaming industry somehow while two other members would like work in the field of computer science. But for now their focus is to keep making new and exciting games.

Game Creators is open to any Georgia College student who would like to join. Students interesting in joining can reach out to Hentz through email or look up the RSO on Discord. Meetings are every Wednesday at 7 p.m. in Arts and Sciences (A&S) 1-16.

Web code for video game
HTML code for Rouge-Lite style video game

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