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GC employees wrap home with love to provide post-holiday warmth

Left to right: John Webb (GC), Donnie Beasley (GC), Demetria Primas (homeowner),
Glenn Waddell (GC), Kayne Young (GC) and Katherine Mahlberg (Milledgeville Habitat
for Humanity)

Thanks to six Georgia College staff and one alumnus, this holiday season has extended well into the new year for one Milledgeville soon-to-be homeowner and her children. The 1,000-square-foot Habitat Home—predicted to be completed by the end of January—serves as an example of what helping hands, sweat hours and a little love can do for a family.

The six Georgia College staff members Mark Bowen, Ryan Campbell, Hill Davis, Brad Thomas, Glenn Waddell and John Webb gave their time to frame the entire Habitat home in less than a week.

“It makes us feel good to help people,” said Waddell, Habitat project leader and structural superintendent at Georgia College. “The people from Georgia College who volunteer—that’s who they are. If given the opportunity, we would do this all over again.”

Waddell has done the framing and trim work, as well as poured porches on previous Milledgeville Habitat for Humanity homes.

“Framing the home was a significant amount of work,” said Murali Thirumal, ’91, ’95, director of Habitat for Humanity of Milledgeville. “They framed the house one weekend and had roof trusses on within the next three days.”

Although framing the house took one weekend, the crew went back to check on things periodically.

“This is the first home we’ve built since the housing recession,” said Thirumal. “It’s important to recognize that after that, everything came to a standstill for four to five years. With the odds against us, there was a glimmer of hope that we could start rebuilding houses. There are homes that are built in two months, and some that are built in two years depending upon the resources and funding.”

In addition to volunteers from Georgia College, representatives from First United Methodist Church, Neil Dyer Construction and Northridge Christian Church provided help on this home.

“I thank them for giving selflessly to the community that provides them with their livelihood,” said Thirumal. “I hope that their volunteerism has been and will continue to be contagious with the rest of Baldwin County.” 

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