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At home on the court and at Georgia College

Kohl Roberts has found his home on the court and at
Georgia College.

At 6’ 7” first-year student Kohl Roberts towers above most his classmates and competitors. In fact, the athletics department had to order heavier dumb bells for his workouts in the weight room on campus.

“I’ve played basketball for 11 years,” said Roberts. “I love it because when you step out on that court, you forget everything bad about your day. It just makes you happy.”

The Bobcats basketball player even stands tall in his achievements. Roberts averages 8.2 points and 5.9 rebounds per contest this season, upping those numbers to 9.6 and 6.0, respectively in Peach Belt Conference games. He also posted three double-doubles in a row, including a career-high 22 points against Columbus State University.

With plans to go into the health care field, the biology major could decide to study medicine or follow his family’s footsteps. Either way, he says he knows he’ll have to get an advanced degree.

“My dad is a dentist and my grandpa, so I might do that or go into the medical field,” he said.

With a tough course load, adapting to college life has brought some challenges, but Roberts confidently says Georgia College was right for him.

“As a biology major, the classes are hard, but I’ve adjusted now and am trying to stay on top of things.”

Roberts and the GC Men’s Basketball team press on through the season with hopes of making it to the regional competition for the Peach Belt Conference. And he uses his love of the game for motivation both on the court and off.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. Even if you lose, there’s always a next game, so don’t get caught up in the past.”

When giving advice to younger competitors about playing at the next level he said, “I would tell kids in high school to remember that anything is possible and to never lose your love for the game.”

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