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International student encourages others to experience the world

Valentina Tanu
Valentina Tanu

She traveled thousands of miles from her home country of Romania to Milledgeville, all with one goal in mind to broaden her perspective and experience the world.

From the university she attends in the United Kingdom, junior Valentina Tanu chose to come to Georgia College this fall as an exchange student.

“I came here because I loved how the campus looked, and of course the weather,” she said.

The business management major has felt right at home among the fall foliage and friendly faces on campus.

“Everyone here has been so friendly—much more so than in Romania or the UK. In just the few weeks I’ve been at Georgia College, I’ve been able to make friends, both with American and other international students that I know will last a lifetime.”

Many of those relationships have been built through her involvement in the International Club— which is an avenue for American students and international students at Georgia College to meet, get acquainted with each other and celebrate their cultures together.

“One of the main reasons I chose to study at Georgia College was because it’s an international campus,” she said. “I love meeting people from all over the world. I now have friends from Japan, China and all over Europe, and I wouldn’t have met them had I not chose to study abroad.”

The International Club will celebrate the different cultures on campus during the annual International Day event. Held each fall on Front Campus, activities include the presentation of flags, a multicultural talent show and informational tables set up by students from across the globe to tell others about their home country. International Day is Wednesday, Oct. 26.

“International Day is a great opportunity for the Georgia College community to meet our wonderful international students and learn a little about their countries and cultures,” said Jarris Lanham,  International Club co-advisor.

And Tanu agrees that the benefits are endless when you step outside your comfort zone to experience new things.

“I hope events like International Day allow the campus and community to see that there is a world outside their town and country. It opens your mind to understand the world a little better,” said Tanu, and in regard to encouraging others to travel she says, “take advantage of any opportunity to travel because from that the possibilities are endless.”

For more information on the International Club or International Day, contact the International Education Center at 478-445-4789.

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