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Living the dream: Mass comm senior interns among the stars of baseball

New York is a state that is known for many things. From the Statue of Liberty to Times Square to Coney Island, there are many things that visitors often do when traveling through the state. For Steven Walters though, there is only one place in New York he would rather be and that is at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.


Walters is a senior mass communication major with a minor in rhetoric here at Georgia College. He is also in the Honor's program which is a program that challenges students to push themselves intellectually. For Walters, the opportunity to work for an organization that highlights Major League Baseball's brightest stars is one he couldn't pass up.


"I visited the Hall of Fame back in 2009 and when the opportunity to come back to Cooperstown and work at such a prestigious organization presented itself, it was a dream come true," said Walters. "It also provided me an opportunity to apply my passion for journalism and baseball."


The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum was founded in 1939 and is a nonprofit educational institution that preserves the history of the game of baseball, honors excellence and connects fans from all generations. The museum showcases all facets of the game, from the beginning to now, while the Hall of Fame is there to honor the game’s greatest players.


Walters recalls being nervous when he was waiting to hear if he got the internship.

"I applied to the Frank and Peggy Steele Intern program in December and went through the interview process and found out around mid-February. There were over 500 students who applied, so I was so happy when I received the call. To be one of just 19 interns in the program is such an honor."


During the internship, Walters has been able to write and edit stories on Hall of Famers and historical artifacts. Walters has also been able to write press releases which he says has given him valuable journalism and public relations experience. So far, Walters says that the biggest thing he has learned is the complexity of day to day operations.


"I’ve really learned what it takes to work in the baseball communications industry. It’s amazing to see how much goes into it and how each department works with each other to execute the Hall’s mission. Being such a hands-on experience, I’ve also picked up on a lot of editing and leadership skills from my boss," according to Walters. 


Georgia College also played a role in Walters' success.


"Georgia College has really prepared me to be ready for a professional environment. Student media has given me opportunities to take the skills I learned in class and apply them, and that has translated to being ready to write and edit in a real-world experience. My time as an ambassador and with the leadership program have also helped me effectively talk to visitors and present myself in a professional manner. Overall, the many opportunities I've had at GC have helped me develop a well-rounded skill set."


This experience has continued to encourage Steven Walters to pursue his love of journalism and baseball after graduation.


"I want to work in baseball, so having the opportunity to work at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum has given me a glimpse into what takes to work in the game. I’ve been able to translate my passion for baseball into a real life experience for the second summer in a row, so it’s helped me know this is what I want to do down the road. I’ve also met a lot of great people, so it’s been great to connect with others who love the game."

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