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The Max Noah Singers anticipate their trip to Europe

The Max Noah Singers (MNS) will soon be on tour performing at an international festival in two European artistic centers—Budapest and Vienna. The group leaves May 22 and will return on May 29.

The MNS are enthusiastic about their upcoming experience abroad.

Pictured L-R are MNS: Tevauri Marshall, Cannon McClain, ’16, Emily Glass and John Mitchell.
Pictured L-R are MNS: Tevauri Marshall, Cannon McClain, ’16, Emily Glass and John Mitchell.

For music composer and member of the MNS Cannon McClain, ’16, it will be a very delightful experience as he will get to hear his own works being performed.

“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to conduct my own work abroad,” said McClain, who graduated in May. “I highly value the idea of a musician as a complete and well-rounded artist, and so the opportunity to see my own music through the entire arc of creation, rehearsal, interpretation and performance is both amazing and humbling.”

McClain’s musical piece was written during December 2015 and early January of this year. For McClain, the writing of the piece came quickly.

“The theme of finding individual peace from the darkest places of life through music is very personal to me, and I just needed the tools to express that theme,” he said. “The poem, by Sara Teasdale, was sent to me by Dr. Flory, and I instantly knew that it was just the text I needed. From there the composing was very simple, as Teasdale had given me all the imagery and syntax I needed to conceptualize that theme in music.”

Although rising senior and music education major Emily Glass has been to Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece and Poland, she is excited to tour Europe again.

“I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the cultures of the music scenes in Vienna and Budapest,” said Glass. “And, I look forward to being immersed in places that have such a strong and rich history of music.” 

Rising sophomore and music education major John Mitchell is thrilled about going overseas to sing in old churches and in Europe.

“I hope to learn about the history of the places we are going to be singing at,” said Mitchell. “The farthest I’ve ever traveled was to Washington, D.C. I also hope to learn about the history of the places we are going to be singing at.”

This will be the first time that rising junior Tevauri Marshall, who is majoring in music education has traveled abroad. Although he moved from Portland, Oregon five years ago, he’s been to several states across the country.

For these members of the MNS, the joy of sharing their music has touched them in several ways.

“Being in Max Noah Singers means that you're held to a higher standard,” says Marshall. “It's the only auditioned choir. It means that it’s ultimately your responsibility to learn your music on time. More importantly, it means that you'll be able to meet people who have the same passion for choral music as you do.”

“To me, being a MNS means that I have the privilege to represent Georgia College by singing, which is something that I am extremely passionate about,” says Glass. “I have a lot of very close friends in this group, and I love that I am able to create art with them and share a passion of mine with an audience.” 

“Being a MNS means that you love and are dedicated to music,” said Mitchell. “It also means a type of family, because when you spend so much time with a group and sing with them, it brings people closer.”

The MNS will accompany other college and community choirs in a variety of songs.

“The fact that they’re going to sing with a larger choir than our university chorus will be a more balanced situation than what we have now,” said Dr. Jennifer Flory, professor of music. “It will be exciting for them to perform with such a large and diverse group of singers.”

MNS will perform concerts with the Bob Jones University Singers on Wednesday, May 25 at the Aula Szent Imre Gimnazium in Budapest, Hungary, and on Saturday, May 28 at the prestigious Peterskirche in Vienna, Austria. They will combine with five other choirs to perform Haydn’s “Lord Nelson Mass.” 

The concert is made up of music by American composers, including sets of hymn tunes, Latin motets, new compositions and settings of African-American spirituals.

Look for updates to be provided throughout the trip.

May 23: In Budapest (left) MNS tenors and basses and (right) sopranos and altos study notes from Festival Director Dr. Larry Wyatt on Haydn’s Lord Nelson Mass.
MNS tenors and bass get notes from Festival Director Dr. Larry Wyatt on Haydn’s Lord Nelson Mass.MNS sopranos and altos get and review notes on the Hayden’s Lord Nelson Mass.








May 24: (Left) The MNS have their first rehearsal with Festival Director Dr. Larry Wyatt for Haydn's Lord Nelson Mass. (Second from left) Some of the MNS pose during a tour of Budapest. 








More pictures from Budapest.








May 25: (Top left) The MNS rehearse for tonight's concert, plus additional pictures from Budapest.















May 28: (Left) The MNS in concert. (Right) Dr. Flory displays a Georgia College towel in Vienna. A palace in Europe. 

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