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May 2018: Legacy of service, leadership

Senior Janae Innis knew she was meant for a future in leadership. The Johns Creek native came to Georgia College as a business management major and later tacked on an international studies minor.


“I’ve always been into leadership. I thrive in those roles,” said Innis. “I just fell in love with managing people and programs. I’ve been able to really sharped those skills here.”


Though Innis had a knack and love for business, she didn’t seek leadership opportunities. She said they just happened naturally. One of those was with the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, where she held integral student leadership positions.  


“I always wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself,” she said. “But I also wanted to see that I was having a tangible impact.”


One of the most important aspects of her time at Georgia College were her roles with GC Miracle. She started working with the service group her first year and by her sophomore year, she became a morale leader. By her senior year, she was director of entertainment.

“It’s been a huge part of my time here. To know that the money we raise will make an impact on so many kids' lives for years to come, has shaped me into who I am as not only a leader but as a person.”

Innis has also been part of the greater Milledgeville community through her volunteer work with Young Life. She’s had the opportunity to go into local schools and serve as a faith mentor for students. Innis said some of her most important friendship have been made with children in the school system.

“It’s been an amazing experience to build those relationships and to see them grow up and mature over the course of four years,” she said. “Those kids are one of the hardest parts about leaving Georgia College—but I know I’ll be back to visit them.”

Through her various leadership roles in the classroom and out, Innis said she’s gained skills that will aid her in her next role working in the business industry.

“Though I’ve led in different way, in each opportunity the similarity was my style of leadership,” she said. “I think true leadership is the way you treat and listen other. In order to lead, you have to understand the people you’re leading.”

A week before graduating, Innis landed a job as a client specialist at Alight Solutions where she'll be doing project management for the consulting firm.

“I’m looking forward to doing what I love and what I’ve learned at Georgia College,” she said.

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