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May 2018: Senior uses mass communication skills to become entrepreneur

Hope Beavers

Hope Simril Beavers

From: Snellville, Georgia

Major: Mass Communication with concentration in Strategic Communication

Activities: Phi Mu Sorority, former Young Life Leader through Wesley House.

Plans after graduation: Since second semester sophomore year, I’ve owned my own international, virtual business. It’s a wellness business called “Juice Plus.” It’s been a fun ride. It’s changed my whole life. I’ve tied in my major and used it as a platform to market myself online. I’ve built my business totally through social media. It’s been amazing. I’m already a leading seller in my company, and I’m working myself up to the top level.

Major accomplishment: My biggest accomplishment was finding my place here and finding the mass com degree and what I’m passionate about. I love the program here and all the hands-on work we get to do. I’ve learned a lot about social media. Finding that passion through school has helped inspire me in my business. I would not have been successful had I not had all the tools and skills, like graphics and advertising, that I’ve learned from my classes here.

Favorite class and why? It was Media Design taught by Dr. Amanda Respess. In that class, we learned a lot about how to design online using Adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator and Design. I learned the ins-and-outs of it, and I really appreciated that class, because they’re skills I still use today.

Favorite professor and why? I’ve loved the school here, and I’ve loved all my classes and all my professors. I love Dr. John Karlis too. He’s been an awesome teacher and a real big encourager and supporter in my life. He believes in me and what I’m doing and where I’m going.

How did you change in college? I was so scared about what college would be like. But I’ve really made a place for myself here and made a lot of amazing friends and started my own business. I’ve grown and gained responsibility and matured a lot. I’ve always been a very outgoing person, but I think I’ve come out of my shell even more in college. I’ve become more confident in myself through my years here.

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