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May 2018: Theatre major broadened perspective in Czech Republic

Andrew Stanesic

From: I’m from Gwinnett County, Ga. However, I was born in Iowa.

Major/Plans: I’m a theatre major, marketing minor. After graduation, I plan to continue applying to acting agencies in Atlanta and work during the day in arts marketing. I would love to do marketing for a theatre.

Activities: I'm the president of our school’s comedy improvisation troupe, “The Armed Farces.” We have weekly performances at Blackbird Coffee. I also spend a lot of my time doing extracurricular theatre productions.

Why did you choose Georgia College? Part of the reason I came to Georgia College was because I knew I could still be in plays without being an upper classman or grad student. In a lot of schools, the undergrads get pushed to the side as far as getting to perform and participate in theatre. So that was something that initially drew me to the school. I came in not knowing what I wanted to do at all. I just knew I wanted to do theatre. It’s what I’m good at and what I enjoy. So, I talked to people at the Career Center and decided marketing would parallel well with theatre.  

Study abroad: I studied abroad in the Czech Republic with our theatre department. I’m so glad I got to do that. I had the time of my life, rehearsing and touring our play around that country. I learned a lot about international storytelling at the festival we performed in, and I was challenged to make connections with people despite language barriers. I feel a little more humble now and more open to critique the American lifestyle. I can definitely say Americans think everything happens within our borders, but there’s so much else going on in the rest of the world. It took me out of the modern comforts that I know and made me feel there’s more work to do in the world.

What was your favorite class and why? My favorite class actually might have been my “GC2Y Theatre for Social Change.” The broad applications of the subject matter really got me excited each day.

How has GC prepared you? I think I’ve done a lot here. At Georgia College, I’ve been able to make my own path. There’s not one right way to go through school here. I felt like my major was always in my control. I was involved in a lot of classes and clubs, and I had a lot of great leadership opportunities.

Advice: To first-year students, I would tell them to go to ALL of their classes and work hard. If you fail at anything, then figure out what you can change next time. Failure is an essential step in personal growth. Keep growing!

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