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May 2019: Nursing major embraces diversity and different perspective


Harold Davis

Hometown: Sandersville, Ga.

Major: Nursing.

Why nursing: Reflecting, I didn’t choose nursing. I feel like Nursing chose me. I’m a firm believer that God places us where we are supposed to be, and my path just happened to lead me to nursing at Georgia College. Growing up, I enjoyed challenges, and I’ve always had the ability to relate to diverse groups of people with a passion for helping others. With those values in mind, I became interested in nursing after seeing how well my family took care of my grandparents whenever they became sick. Seeing their dedication and conscientious work efforts inspired me to learn more about the fundamentals of nursing and pursue it as a career. Also, through assisting them and being cognizant of the positives and negative aspects of patient care, I felt comfortable that I had the attributes to be successful as a nurse.

Being a male in a female-dominated field: I embrace it.  I believe that diversity is important in every field, especially in nursing. Every day, I encounter people from every race, religion, ethnicity, culture, background, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Being an African-American male, I can bring a different perspective to the table and relate to certain groups of patients on levels that my counterparts can’t. For patients, just having someone that understands their demographics goes a long way in supplying them with the motivation and discipline to adhere to prescribed regimens and recuperate to their optimal wellbeing. Skills that I bring to nursing are exceptional communication skills, cultural awareness, compassion and critical thinking. Furthermore, I believe that each of those skills are essential for everyone, regardless of what field that you choose to work in.

Male nurses are far and few between. However; I can assure you that the males we do have are some of the coolest, intelligent and most down to earth people that you will ever meet.

Activities: I played a couple of intramural sports, did a few volunteer food drives and I mentored for AAMI (African-American Male Initiative). Through AAMI, I participated in numerous community clean ups and other events that allowed me to give back and show appreciation to the people that invested in me.

Impact in college: AAMI had a tremendous impact on my journey through Georgia College. Coming into college, I didn’t have a great work ethic. I lacked discipline, focus, and I didn’t prioritize learning. I spent most of my energy making friends and having a good time. Through being a mentor in AAMI, I was forced into positions that made me uncomfortable, and they caused me to mature and grow into the young man that I am today. Also, being a black kid from a predominantly African-American community, it took me a while to adjust to the demographics at Georgia College. AAMI really helped ease that transition and expedited the assimilation process by providing me with a group of brothers that I could relate to.

Important thing learned: The most important thing that I learned in college is to proceed with purpose and to never quit. No one said that the road to get your degree would be easy. There is always going to be trouble, pit falls, and unexpected tragedies along the way. When those times come, it’s always important to think about the ‘why’ behind your goals. For me, the purpose or the why behind my goals was my family. I knew that if I could just make it through, it would provide them with the motivation to pursue their goals as well.

Favorite class: My favorite class was health assessment and my favorite professor has got to be Ms. Talecia Warren. The mornings I would show up to class with no plan-to-learn, she would stay on me like a drill sergeant. If she had not been there during those times, I probably would have never learned the basic skills for nursing. Also, her work ethic and her ability to handle adversity inspired me to be resilient, confident and to strive for greatness each day.

Key to success in college: Everyone should pursue a career they’re passionate about. I also believe that keeping a positive attitude is important. No matter your situation or circumstance, just knowing that you have the potential within you to overcome any obstacle really does set you up mentally to be successful in the future.  Always remember that failure is not the end and that any loss/failure can turn into a blessing. Just stay encouraged, and keep God first and keep your head up. Life is capricious, and great things require hard work and time. 

Plans after graduation: My plans after graduation are to work at University Hospital in Augusta. I plan to a be a RN on one of their general medical-surgical floors for at least 2 years.

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