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South Korean finds home away from home

Imagine. You are a young college student, and it is your first time moving away from home—to another country. You wonder what it will be like, and you wonder if you will make friends and be successful. Had you made the right choice?  This was the case for Nayoung Seo as she made her way to Georgia College. 

From the moment she arrived, however, Seo knew she had made the right choice. She quickly made many friends, starting with the staff at the International Education Center.

“They always ask me, ‘Can I help you?’ I can just ask them anything, because I am curious,” she said. “They are just like family and want to help me accomplish my goals.”

The support provided at Georgia College – from staff, professors and even other students - helped her quickly transition to a new place and to become engaged with her new home. 

“Georgians are very hospitable, and the environment here is beautiful,” Seo said. “This inspires me to write poetry and fiction.” 

Although she began writing poetry as a child, SEO did not always have the opportunity to get feedback from others in her home country.

“The one-on-one curriculum here enables the professors and a small group of students to review and evaluate my fiction stories, poetry and personal narrative essays,” she said. “So, this helped me find my talent in writing.”

The liberal arts experience at Georgia College has enriched Seo’s education.

“What I found is that students get to talk about their ideas and opinions and professors then help them to also explore other possibilities,” she said. 

Seo is also gifted in singing. International Day—held each year on the spacious lawn of Georgia College’s front campus—provides the perfect venue to showcase her music. A highlight of the day is the cultural heritage portion where Georgia College students from around the world perform for the campus audience and share aspects of their nation’s culture. 

“I played the guitar and sang a Korean song and ‘Amazing Grace’ in the Korean language,” she said. “It was amazing. I could show my Korean culture to others.” 

Seo also sang and played guitar for the International Dinner held March 30. She cooked Kimchi-jeon, a popular South Korean dish. 

“I was really excited about how the International Dinner let me encounter the whole world in just one place,” Seo said. “This event let us experience the world through foods, seeing international beauty through fashion and listening to songs from other countries.”

Students, like Seo, embraced other cultures from around the world.

“The International Dinner allows students from all over the world to realize how beautiful and precious their traditions and cultures are, even in just preparing for the event and planning on how to introduce their cultural heritages to other people,” she said. “When we were discussing the plans for the event, I could see the full smiles on other students’ faces. The International Dinner is a great opportunity to realize the beauty of diversity at Georgia College.”

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