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Student's passion for physics takes him around the world

When Inseong Lee, from the southeastern coast of the Korean Peninsula, decided to attend college, he had no idea that he would end up half way around the world. However, Lee’s university search revealed that Georgia College had what he needed to pursue a career in physics and pre-engineering.

Since he was in fourth grade, Lee had a knack for robotics. In the sixth grade, his applied analytical skills earned him third place among numerous contestants for building a robot comprised of a tank and claw. 

Inseong Lee

“The contest gave me some missions to do like moving a board,” said Lee. “There were so many students there, so I’m glad I placed.”

During his free time, he constructed plastic models and spent time with his friends once a week singing karaoke.  

“Plastic models were expensive, so I couldn’t enjoy them,” said Lee. “Singing is free so I enjoyed doing it.”

While he’s in Georgia, Lee is also taking in the natural beauty of the state.

“There are more plants and trees here,” Lee said. “I lived in the city, and there is some greenery, but not as much as in Georgia. It’s also less humid.”

Although he has been to the MAX for meals, one thing Lee really misses is his favorite dish—Kimchi stew—a Korean side dish made from salted and fermented vegetables.

He is in the International Club and looks forward to possibly joining additional organizations once he feels more comfortable with speaking English.

Lee also looks forward to learning physics at Georgia College so he can eventually work in a large company like Samsung.

“I like making and repairing things,” he said. “If I learn physics, I will know more about machines and robots. I will know how to do those things that I’ve always been interested in.”

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