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Students take part in one of the best Italian language programs in Italy

Three Georgia College students—majoring in biology, mass communication, art and rhetoric—ventured to Milan, Italy June 25 for a seven-week Italian language study abroad. The group, supervised by Tony Alcarria, lecturer of world, languages and cultures, is studying at the University of Milan.

“Students will experience Italian language and culture first-hand by living with Italians and talking to them,” said Alcarria. “They will not be just reading a textbook about places, celebrations, food and works of art, but they will be living in those places, eating that food, celebrating those festivals and beholding those masterpieces directly in cities and museums.”

The students will take Italian language cultures classes in the mornings. In the evenings and on weekends, they will visit and hike natural places of interest like Lake Garda, Lake Como and Monte Baldo located in the Italian Alps. In addition, they will take in museums and monumental structures, and explore historical areas such as Trastevere in Rome, Navigli in Milan and Canale Grange in Venice. 

Students who were selected for this study abroad were granted scholarships from the University of Milan. They needed to have at least 12 credit hours of Italian language completed at Georgia College to be admitted at the University of Milan.

Alcarria chose this program for his students because he completed the program himself when he was an undergraduate student.

“I am an alumnus from the University of Milan, and I am very familiar with all the logistics at the university and in the city of Milan itself,” he said. “I know this is one of the best Italian language programs in Italy.”

Check back for updates during this study abroad, and follow them on Instagram.

July 8, 2018: The group of students takes a field trip to Bergamo located on the foothills of the Italian Alps. Here, GC students ride the funicular railway to get to the top of the historical city.















July 8, 2018: GC student Sarah Bergin participates in a cell phone-based Italian language activity with other international students in her Italian language class at the "Università degli Studi di Milano" in Milan, Italy.















July 9, 2018: GC students visiting la “Pinacoteca di Brera”, which is the main public gallery for painting in Milan, Italy. Pinacoteca di Brera contains one of the most important collections of Italian paintings.















July 9, 2018: GC students attend a concert by the Milan Philharmonic orchestra at the Castello Sforzesco di Milano. The defense system of the Castello Sforzesco was one of main engineering works of Leonardo da Vinci, and he also frescoed several rooms of the castle.

























August 5, 2018: GC students visit the Pirelli HangarBicocca museum, which is the main venue of conceptual art in Milan, Italy.















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