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Students tour farms across Georgia to understand link between sociology, food


Professor Dr. Sandra Godwin teaches the unique course Sociology of Food, where she challenges students to think about the complexities that go into the creation and distribution of the food that ends up on their plates. As part of the course sponsored by ENGAGE, Godwin takes students on farm tours across Georgia—from local alumni-ran farm Babe + Sage to a food activist-led farm Love is Love in Decatur.

“The point of the tour is to have students get out of the classroom, but to also think about how food is produced and understand the life of farmers, not just agriculture, but farmers and how they’re faring,” said Godwin.

Students spent Friday, Sept. 22, exploring the local farms of Babe + Sage, Rag & Frass and Salamander Springs on their first leg of three farm tours they’ll do this semester. Students were led through the farms' crops, asked questions about growing seasons, crop selection and farming equipment and got a glimpse at some sustainable farming techniques.

As part of the tours, Godwin made a point to get students out of the classroom but to give them a larger community perspective, students help local Lucille Harris Community Garden gardeners with their plots in the Harrisburg community. The gardeners also accompany the group to the farm tours throughout the semester.

“Students tend to come from suburbs,” said Godwin. “Many of the gardeners come from rural backgrounds, so the students are able to gain different perspectives when it comes to age, social class and region.”

The class will continue the farm tours with tours throughout Atlanta and southwest Georgia, where they will visit the national historic site of Jimmy Carter’s boyhood farm in Americus.

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