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Taking on the corporate world, internship provides valuable new skills for upcoming senior

While Georgia College wasn't originally in the long-term plans for Peter Trang, he began to find his second home here. The upcoming senior remembers the moment freshman year when his plans began to change.

"I love the class sizes, faculty involvement, and the endless leadership opportunities available to me. If I transferred to a bigger school, I would not have the leadership experience I have gained or my lifelong friends from Alpha Tau Omega, Interfraternity Council (IFC), and the other organizations I have had a pleasure to be a part of."

Since freshman year, Trang has gone on to grow throughout his time at Georgia College and the College of Business and is grateful for the opportunities the marketing department has provided him.

"The most impactful thing I have taken away from my studies is work ethic. The marketing department does not only offer many opportunities for growth, but they also push you to be the best you can be. They do not settle for mediocrity and will always motivate you in ways you don’t even realize."

It wasn't just the classroom where Trang was excelling, but he was also learning strong interpersonal skills as the president of IFC.

"During my time as IFC president I have learned to work with different personalities, delegate, and collaborate. Having served as Vice President of Recruitment before my time as president provided an amazing opportunity to continue to work on myself. I also got to build interpersonal relationships across councils and organizations which I value the most."

Both his academic credentials along with his time serving in various student leadership positions prepared Trang for an opportunity to gain real world experience with his internship at GEICO. 

"This internship groups together multiple personalities to come up with cost-effective solutions to real life problems. We use data to really dig deep and make meaningful solutions, which have a high chance to be implemented into their business plan. We then present these ideas in front of over 40 upper level managers over the course of the summer." 

Finding correlations, causation, and properly applying feedback are just some of the many things Trang has learned during his short time with GEICO. While he knows his time is limited, he is looking forward to new challenges senior year will bring him.

"Looking back at myself before my internship started and now, I can see a clear difference. Going into my senior year with an amazing internship under my belt, I feel light-years ahead of my peers. Most importantly, the relationships and friendships I have built here have been extremely rewarding. Finding like-minded people who share the same passion and drive alongside with friends I can always count on has been one of my favorite parts about this summer. "

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