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An uncommon occurrence: Education student has same mentor leader as her mom

From left to right, Karen Gore, Madelyn Gore and Dr. Lyndall Muschell.

Junior Madelyn Gore always knew she wanted to teach. From an early age, she spent hours in her mom’s elementary classroom lending a hand to set up each year and helping after she got out of school.

“I’ve always just said I wanted to teach. Funny enough one of my friends, her name is Samantha. She is in the other cohort. When we were little we used to always say that we wanted to work across the hall from each other as teachers,” said Madelyn.

This semester she joined the early childhood education cohort at Georgia College. However, there’s a little more irony behind her story.  

Madelyn was actually born into the early childhood education program in 1998 as her mom finished up her undergraduate degree. She’s even in the cohort group’s memoir photo presented to their mentor leader as a gift.

You can see Madelyn's tiny head in the photo.

“I’ve taught family members, but not where I’ve had the daughter,” said Dr. Lyndall Muschell, professor of early childhood education. “This is quite a unique situation.

In the College of Education, each cohort, or group of students who takes their courses together, has a mentor leader. Ironically enough, Madelyn’s mentor leader is 32-year veteran education Professor Dr. Lyndall Muschell—the same mentor leader her mom had 20 years ago.

“It’s really neat that it all happened this way. I tried not to push her, but I’m glad she came to Georgia College,” said her mom, Karen Gore, who teaches at Dames Ferry Elementary in Gray.

The mentor leader plays an important part in the lives of student majoring in education.

“As a mentor leader, I stay with a group for two years, and I’m the person that’s going to make sure that every student in my group has all the necessary placements they need,” said Muschell. “I also get to know them and develop a relationship so that I can make sure the placements fit their needs. My door is always open. It’s more than an advisor—students are always in and out of my office.”

Oftentimes the connection and relationships continue on after graduation. Karen, for instance, has a student teacher from Georgia College each year.

“Every opportunity we get, we always call on her. We are thankful that, as a partner teacher, she’s willing to do that because she knows our program first-hand and knows the work ethic and the professionalism and expectations,” said Muschell.

“It’s the best program. GC has the best education program,” said Karen. “I told Madelyn when she was trying to make her decision— just know that if you go to Georgia College you’re going to be very well prepared.”

For Madelyn, she’s enjoying the coincidence as she follows in her mom’s footsteps, but looks forward to making her own mark on future generations.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know different children from different grades, and I’m looking forward to the experience for the next two years,” she said. “I’ve heard from everybody I’ll be so prepared for my first year of teaching, so I’m excited to see how the curriculum, and the experience and projects we have interlace into a successful first year for me.”

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