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Under 30: Ben Provencial


 Age: 24

Occupation: Professional Musician

Major at GC: Health Education with Minor in Business Administration


Why did you choose Georgia College?


I was pretty young in that decision making process, but I do think I was drawn to the close knit community of Georgia College. The campus has a pretty quaint and unique downtown scene, too. I've never particularly liked huge cities, so I think it suited me well.



Did you have a favorite professor or class?


There are so many great professors on campus, a few of my personal favorites were Matthew Roessing for legal environment of business, Doctor Martino for exercise physiology, and Mark Fagiano for philosophy.


What is your favorite Georgia College memory?


My favorite memory was studying abroad for 4 months in Australia through the GCSU study abroad program, hands down. I grew so much from that experience. The study abroad coordinator, Liz Havey, facilitated that whole process perfectly.  I highly recommend going anywhere outside of your bubble to challenge your comfort zone. It will change your entire life perspective.


Ben Provencial is an American singer-songwriter and musician from Atlanta, Georgia.

What got you interested about the job you do now?


I don't know if I'd call it a job at this point but writing music and performing music for people is a passion deep inside of my heart. I just do it because it feels super honest. I can't really articulate it in words. I'm only 24 so I have no idea where life will take me next but I love doing what I'm doing right now. It's all that I want to focus on for the next couple of years, at least. I want to grow this into something more financially self-sustaining, it definitely feels like things are headed in the right direction...


What is the best part about the job you do now?


I can play music anywhere for anyone or by myself and it will always make me happy. It doesn't matter if it's to hundreds of people or if it's in my bedroom alone.


How has your Georgia College education helped you become who you are today?


All of the experiences outside of the classroom were what taught me the most about who I actually was and who I wanted to be. I think that working on a degree definitely develops your organizational skills,overall work ethic, and ability to adapt to new environments. All three of which are incredibly important for everything else that comes next in your life, post graduation. It also provides physical proof that you can commit yourself towards a long-term goal.


Ben's musical career took off during the fall of 2014 at Georgia College
with the release of "Over The Horizon." Ben now lives in Colorado
where he continues to write new music and gain notoriety. 

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