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Under 30: Haley Fusia

Haley poses for a picture


Age: 22

Occupation: Photography Business Owner/Grad Student at Kingston University in London

Major at GC: Theatre


Why did you choose Georgia College?

I knew Georgia College was the university for me as soon as I stepped on campus, which sounds extremely cliché, but is completely true. Not only was the campus beautiful but the sense of community was so strong. As we walked through campus on our tour, the tour guide seemed to know everyone and I loved the idea of walking to class and seeing people I knew. Of course it fit all the other criteria I had in mind as well, like great dorms and close, but also far enough away from home and the feeling I had after my tour is what eventually led me to choose Georgia College.


Did you have a favorite memory from your time at GC?

I have so many fond memories of my time at GC, but one of my favorites was working on my capstone. For my capstone, I directed the traveling children’s show in the fall of 2017. Over 5 weeks I worked with 6 actors on a 40 minute show teaching 13 of Aesop’s fables. I loved the experience of directing such talented people and rehearsals were always so much fun. My favorite part was traveling to elementary schools and the children’s hospital in Macon to perform for kids. The kids always loved the show and it was so wonderful seeing my cast’s hard work pay off.


Westminster Abbey

How did you get started in photography?

My dad was actually the one who got me started in photography around the same time I started at GC. I would play around with his camera and take pictures of my friends and family, and then I realized that I actually really enjoyed taking pictures of people. For my 19th birthday, my dad gave me my first camera. We started taking workshops together and I started collaborating with friends in Milledgeville just to practice. Eventually, it just made sense for me to start my own business where I focused on portrait photography.


How did you go from graduating at GC to studying at Kingston University in London? What are you studying over there?

Taking the film production class offered at GC and interning at WSB-TV in Atlanta one summer helped me know that when I graduated from GC, I wanted to work in the film and television industry. I decided to go back to school to get my Master's in Film Making so I could have the chance to learn more about the creative and technical aspects of film, as well as have the opportunity to really focus on creating my own content. I ended up going to Kingston because I actually studied abroad during the second semester of my sophomore year at Kingston University in London. I knew I wanted to come back to London to study for my masters, and I loved the idea of coming back to a place I was already pretty familiar with.


What are your plans after graduation from Kingston University?

I’m not completely sure at the moment; I’m not even sure where I’ll end up in the world. Coming back to Atlanta is definitely an option, but I’ll be applying for jobs in other states and other countries. Right now I’m focusing on cinematography, so I’d love to get a job in film or TV working with cameras but I’m pretty open to any opportunity within the industry that comes my way. Thankfully, my course ends in September, so I have a few months to figure it all out.

A view of the River Thames.
A view of the River Thames with Tower Bridge in the background

How did Georgia College help you become who you are today?

Georgia College gave me the tools and the support to explore the person I wanted to become. The faculty within the theatre department and honors program as well as my academic and career advisors always pushed me to learn more, not just about my field of study, but about myself and the world around me. It was this support and encouragement to focus on more than just my degree that made my undergraduate experience so enriching.


What are some things about London that we should know?

England has a reputation for having pretty bad food, but London actually has great food. There are so many markets with food from all around the world. Some areas like Chinatown or Brick Lane have culturally specific food that’s absolutely incredible. My favorite is Indian food and it’s no secret that London has some of the best in the world. Also, London is not as rainy and cold as everyone thinks. It’s actually quite nice out right now.


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