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Under 30: Lauren Lee


Age: 29


Occupation: Online Community and Brand manager for Zac Brown Band's Fan Club: The Zamily


Major at GC: Mass communication with a concentration in telecommunications


Why did you choose Georgia College?

I was determined to go out-of-state for college. As a favor to my parents I applied to two in-state schools, Georgia College being one of them. I knew the second I stepped foot on the front lawn that I’d choose GC. I loved the campus, community and curriculum the school had to offer. The dorms were also a bonus. Compared to the schools I previously visited, they looked so luxurious. The campus size was also perfect for me. I went to a small high school, and GC felt large enough, but not so large that I was considered just a number in my classes.


Did you have a favorite professor or class?

Lauren Lee is the online community and brand manager for Zac Brown Band's
fan club called the Zamily.

Angela Criscoe was my faculty advisor, but she was also a mentor and friend. I’m thankful for everything I learned from her both inside and outside the classroom. To this day she’s one of my biggest role models. Her passion for production and desire to learn has taught me that you’re never too old (I’m not calling you old, Criscoe) or far in your career to be a student.

I also really enjoyed Creative Writing with Dr. Allen Gee. The class was a little out of my comfort zone, as all of the students were either creative writing or English majors, but I think that’s why it ended up standing out the most to me. I thoroughly enjoyed the way the class was structured, and I think Dr. Gee is brilliant. I still have all of the writing assignments I did in a folder and read them from time to time.


What is your favorite Georgia College memory?

I was the GM (General Manager) of the campus radio station WGUR 88.9FM, and I loved every minute of it. Our staff had a really great bond. I also have fond memories of being a founding sister in Kappa Delta’s Eta Mu chapter. Being a founding sister afforded me the opportunity to build something from the ground up with the very best group of girls. I’m so proud to see how much the chapter has grown.


How did you end up working for the Zac Brown Band?

ZBB Headquarters is located in my hometown of Peachtree City, Georgia. I wanted to work for the company but didn’t know how to get my foot in the door, so I quit my job in Atlanta to waitress at a restaurant Zac opened in Senoia, which is about 10 minutes down the road from HQ. In my five years of being with the company, I’ve worked my way up through a few different positions. My path has been winding, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. If you were to ask what my biggest piece of advice is, it’s never be afraid or too proud to start at the bottom. It builds character and connections.


What do you do for Zac Brown Band?

I’m the Online Community and Brand Manager for Zac Brown Band’s fan club, the Zamily. While most artists outsource their fan clubs to Ticketmaster or agencies in Nashville or L.A., Zac is very adamant about bringing as much business in-house as possible. Zac likes to remind us that we have our awesome jobs thanks to our awesome fans. With that in mind, I personally answer every email sent to the band as well as manage our Facebook and official ZBB app community. I also plan initiatives and events for our paying members. The Zamily is comprised of over 18,000 paying members and 96,000 free members, and we’re known in the industry for our over the top customer service and membership perks. I think the most impressive thing to note is that the entire Fan Club is managed by only three full time employees.


What is the best part about working with the band?

Zamily is completely run in-house by 3 employees of ZBB. Lauren personally
responds to all emails to the band and is responsible for managing the closed
Facebook group as well as the ZBB app and initiatives for fan club members

It takes a village for a band to tour, record, launch an album or do anything! I think one of the best parts about working with the band is witnessing first-hand the passion that’s required for all of the moving parts to work. I love that I work with people who come from different backgrounds and have different talents. It makes ZBB headquarters a truly inspiring place to be. We have creatives, craftsmen, machinists, artists, accountants, management… It’s a melting pot.


How has your education at Georgia College helped you become who you are today?

The impact of my education at Georgia College goes hand-in-hand with the success in my professional career. I learned a lot in the classroom, but almost even more from my experiences. Being involved with things like Greek life, intramural sports and campus groups really helped me come out of my shell, grow in confidence and meet new people. I’m grateful for the liberal arts education I received, and I’m sure that I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.


What is the strangest thing that has happened that you can remember while on tour?

While my job is mostly office based, I do occasionally go on the road. A few weeks ago, in Hershey, Pennsylvania, someone asked me for my autograph. It felt so strange signing my name next to a band members'.

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