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Under 30: Mallory Adams

Mallory in front of The Clyde

Name: Mallory Adams

Age: 24

Major at GC: Business Management


Why did you choose Georgia College?

I chose Georgia College because of the community it provided. I loved the idea of having small classes and professors who would remember your name. It was great when you could walk onto campus and say hey to seven people you knew before you got to class where you know seven more people. Some of my best memories at Georgia College are winning intramural championships, watching sunsets at sunset field, meeting some of my best friends, working at The Brick downtown and spending Wednesday nights at Wesley. I will always have a special place in my heart for the four years I spent in Milledgeville.


Mallory Adams
Mallory Adams is owner of a the events venue, The Clyde
in downtown Savannah

Did you have a favorite professor or class?

It’s so tough to have a favorite, because a lot of them were great. However, I have three professors who I felt prepared me the best for running a business. Renee Fontenot/Entrepreneurial Launch, Brad Fowler/Web Design, and Chuck Ryan/Business Statistics. Each of these professors were inspirational in their teaching. They related real life scenarios to what we were learning, and you could tell their passion was to prepare us for what we might face in business. I have a competitive nature, and Dr. Ryan knows what buttons to push to bring that out of you in a classroom. I have never been so challenged in a classroom and passing after all the hard work was very rewarding. Often times, when I come across a challenge, I remind myself how hard I worked in Dr. Ryan’s class, and that I am capable of overcoming anything with a little hard work. Mr. Fowler taught me how to design web pages, which I use just about every week tweaking my own website. He also inspired me with the stories about he and his wife’s entrepreneurial endeavors. Then Dr. Fontenot really set me up for success in her entrepreneurial launch class. We had to create a business plan and present it to a board of hypothetical investors. I actually did my business plan on creating a wedding venue then, so when it came time to launch my real business plan in front of an investor, I felt fully prepared and confident that I could succeed.  


What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I’ve known since the ninth grade that I wanted to own my own event planning business. I have always been very independent and driven to accomplish the goals I set for myself. I owe this mindset to my dad, because he raised me to shoot for the moon and be tough enough to get there. Being a true inspiration to me, he started a business himself. What started out as a one-man show working out of the small desk in the house, turned into a multi-city operation with almost 200 employees. I got a front row seat to all of it, and I got to see the ups and downs of owning a business along with the trials and victories that came along with it. Ultimately, my faith plays a large role in the decisions I make. God placed me on this earth to do exactly what I am doing now, and I owe Him all the glory.


What has been the most challenging part of managing The Clyde?

The most challenging part of managing The Clyde is allotting my time to best serve everyone. There is always a lot to be done and it seems that there is not enough time to accomplish it all. Everything I do goes on my calendar and is prioritized. If it doesn’t make it on my calendar, then it gets lost. Being organized and managing my time well delivers the best customer service to my clients. That is the most important thing to me. It’s like solving a puzzle every looking at my schedule to see how to max out my time to be the most productive I can be with The Clyde while also remembering other important things in life like attending church, spending time with family, doing laundry and staying healthy.


Where do you see your business five years from now?

In five years, I see The Clyde as one of the best venues in Savannah. I have a few expansion projects in mind including having the venue serve as a coffee shop in the mornings for locals and SCAD students as well as develop the rooftop area to provide an outdoor space for guests to have wedding ceremonies. 

The Clyde Venue


How has your education at Georgia College helped you become who you are today?

Georgia College has provided me with an experience and education that has helped me define who I am and what I believe in. My education has prepared me for how to deal with day to day business principles such as accounting, web design, project management, human resources, planning and forecasting, communication and professionalism. The relationships I made at Georgia College have made me stronger as well.

What are some things that most people don’t know about Savannah?

What most people don’t know about Savannah is that it is growing. There are several expansion projects in the works that are going to bring big businesses to the area such as Live Nation. Savannah has stayed small for so long, protected by the Historic Preservation Committee and city development. They are finally loosening the reigns, and Savannah is excited about it.

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