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Class of 2018: Sisters start their college, softball career

Holland and Hannah Coursey
Hannah and Holland Coursey

Freshmen Hannah and Holland Coursey have played softball together since the age of eight. So it came as no surprise when the pair of identical twins also chose to attend the same college.

“Two years ago we attended softball summer camp at Georgia College, and we really fell in love with it right away,” said Hannah.

The twins from Sugar Hill, Ga. were both recruited by the Georgia College softball team. They knew they both wanted to play together, and when given the opportunity by GC, they leapt at the opportunity.  

“The college is just so great and even when we went to the summer camp, we found that everyone was so welcoming,” said Hannah. “Everyone from the coaches, the team, to other students made us feel like we were a part of something bigger.”

The incoming freshmen, who are both undecided on their majors, had a chance to become more acquainted with Georgia College at their summer orientation on Friday, July 20.  

“It’s a beautiful campus and now that we’re freshmen—we’re just loving the atmosphere,” said Holland.

The two plan on participating in other activities on campus, but say that will come with time.

“I think we’re both a little on the reserved side, but we’re hoping part of this experience will help us come out of our shells," said Holland.

Although not automatically apparent, the twins do have their differences. One of which is that Holland hits left-handed. But despite their differences, on the field the two say there’s an undeniable connection.

“It’s funny because of course we like to think of ourselves as individuals…because we are,” said Hannah. “But our high school coach always said we play better together—we’re very connected.”

Finding the right fit for the sisters to grow not only on a team, but also in a college environment was important for the whole family.

“It’s a great school and it’s the right size for them… and the right size for me, “ said Nan Coursey, the twin’s mother. “I know they won’t get lost in the crowd here and that’s nice to know."

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