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Class of 2019: How Georgia College Biology Masters Graduate "Seizes the Day"

Daquille Peppers

Daquille Peppers



1) What is your major?

Masters in Biology 


2)What have you discovered about yourself while being here at Georgia College?

The most notable thing that I have discovered at Georgia College is how exciting other disciplines of science can be. Before grad school, my interests in science were at the molecular level, such as genetics and biochemistry. I never enjoyed courses dealing with ecology or organisms, however, at Georgia College that quickly changed. Many of my favorite courses here were Invasive Ecology and Survey Methods of Reptiles and Amphibians.


3) What are your plans after graduating from Georgia College?

I will be working at Aalto, Scientific full-time.


4) What is the biggest challenge you've overcome while being here at Georgia College?

The biggest challenge I faced at Georgia College was balancing both school and work. I have worked before during my undergrad career at Mercer University, however, the job was less demanding. Despite having a very busy schedule, it has taught me how to multitask and become better with managing my time.


5) What do you want to do with your Masters in biology?

Become a Biochemist.


6) What is your perfect day here at Georgia College?

A perfect day at Georgia College would be getting everything on my to-do list completed and eating Kai Thai.


7) What does creative leadership mean to you and how do you demonstrate it?

Creative leadership means to be the captain of your own ship and to lead others by demonstrating a combination of hard work ethic, an aptitude to learn, enthusiasm, helpfulness, and discipline. In life, there are many distractions that can deter you from your goal and douse your ambition. One of the prominent and valuable mentors I have in my life once said, “Seize your day or someone else will seize it for you”. Staying focused, being positive, and goal oriented is a contagious mindset that impacts others to follow suit.


8) Why did you come to Georgia College?

Georgia College was one of two choices that I had in mind for graduate school. It was also the first school that accepted me into their program. At the time, Georgia College offered a great education that was convenient in both location and price.

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