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Class of 2019: Rhetoric Major Raises Awareness of Refugee Crisis

Ahmed Elshami

1) What is your major?

I am a Rhetoric major.


2) Why did you choose Georgia College?

I chose Georgia College because of the atmosphere and environment it provided. I loved being in a small town and having class sizes where I actually knew my peers and could make a connection with my professors.


3) What made you interested in studying Rhetoric?

Rhetoric is an amazing major because of the faculty and how they run the program. I chose rhetoric because of the communication classes and lessons they offer. Rhetoric has taught me how to overcome the fear of public speaking, how to engage with the community, and how to properly conduct research. I love the class sizes and we have a close rhetoric community here at Georgia College that I love being a part of.


4) Did you have a favorite professor or class?

Dr. Burt has really been a mentor for me the past few years. She was the professor who introduced me to the rhetoric program and has helped me make the best of it. She is always checking up on my progress in school and in life. She is a great representative of all the rhetoric professors who take time out of their day to attend to the needs of their students. She was also my senior capstone advisor and she truly helped me accomplish my research and presentation.


5) I understand you are the VP of Seek Refuge. Could you tell me about Seek Refuge and the part you play in this organization?

In Seek Refuge we fundraise, volunteer, and raise awareness for the ongoing refugee crisis. As Vice President I am in charge of volunteer coordination and of course assisting the president. We travel to Clarkston, GA to conduct volunteer work and we host a variety of fundraisers in Milledgeville. Seek Refuge has taught me what it means to be a part of a community and what it takes to be a part of a team with the same goals.


6) What are some of your favorite memories from Georgia College?

Some of my favorite memories from Georgia College comes from Seek Refuge and our club soccer team. I loved volunteering with groups of GC students in Clarkston and working with our team to plan events. For club soccer one of my favorite memories was going to Nationals in Foley, Alabama. It was very competitive and great way for our team to end the season. I loved being a part of the club soccer team at GC.


7) What will you miss the most about Georgia College?

I'll miss the community Georgia College has provided for me. I loved the Rhetoric program, Seek Refuge, and club soccer because of the relationships they gave me. I'll miss the small town where you get to see your friends on a regular basis or just randomly on campus. Overall I'll miss receiving my education here and being in the classroom.


8) What are your plans after graduation?

My plan after graduation is to work back in the Atlanta area. I would love to work within the Atlanta community and if I'm lucky, soccer will be involved somehow as well. Whether it is non-profit or community relations, I just want to be able to stay a part of my community and continue help people if I can.

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