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December 2019: Fulbright applicant has sights set on graduate school in dual degrees

Makhalath Fahiym

Where is your hometown? 

I'm originally from Brooklyn, NY, but I've lived here in Milledgeville for over a decade. 

What is your major?

I'm an English major, with a concentration in literature. My interests lie in magical realism, speculative fiction, contemporary YA fiction, and black female authors. 

What made you choose English as your major? 

It was a funny thing because I had to find my way to English as my major. One of my professors in my sophomore year encouraged me to major in English and to pursue writing, but I stuck to my plan to major in middle grades education and teach history. But I flourished in my English classes and it made me finally realize that it was something that I could do. 

What is your favorite spot on campus? 

Oh, that's a good question, my favorite spot on campus is Einstein's, I love a good bagel. In terms of studying I really like it because it's quiet, sunny, and has a nice view. 

How has your experience at Georgia College helped you grow or changed your perspective? 

I think that it has helped me realize that growth happens step by step and life really isn't a one-man show. I feel myself to be a rather independent person, and I like to help others. My experience in both the education department and the English department has shown me that it's important to seek support and advice from others. 

What has been your favorite class and professor? 

I'd say that the Geography of Race and Ethnicity class I took with Dr. Amy Sumpter was a favorite of mine. In the class, we delved into many sociological topics that I was interested in. However, I got to learn about them from a perspective that was new to me. As far as the English department, Dr. Julian Knox and Dr. Jenny Flaherty are among my favorites. They're so enthusiastic about their specializations. It's great. You can bounce ideas off them and they'll give great feedback. 

What do you plan to do after graduation? 

After graduation, I plan on continuing my internship as a writer for Visionary Artistry magazine. I've applied for the Fulbright to teach English in South Korea, so my hope is that July of next year I will be beginning a teaching assistantship at an elementary school there. My future plans include going to graduate school to obtain a dual degrees in English and library science. 


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