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Move-in day brings thousands back to campus

2014 Georgia College Move-in Day from Georgia College on Vimeo.

Camden Werner (right) and Alina Guteierrez show off their new room in Wells Hall. More than 2,000 students moved into the residence halls, bringing both new students and upper classmen to campus just ahead of the start the fall semester.

The approximately 1,450 freshman students make up the largest class in Georgia College’s history.

“I’m not going to lie. I’m really nervous and also really excited,” said freshman Jack Walch.

He and his mom drove drown from Norcross to move him into Wells Hall as he begins his first year of college.

“I chose Georgia College because it’s a liberal arts school, and I also really like the size,” said Walch. “I’m definitely looking forward to playing intramural sports since I’ve played sports all my life. I’m also interested in joining a fraternity.”

Thanks to the Cat Crew, the move-in process was easy for Walch.

“We pulled up and there were like 10 people there to help me right away,” said Walch. “They were so great. They pretty much took everything up here.”

Hundreds of Georgia College faculty and staff members as well as community volunteers worked as part of the Cat Crew this year. They helped students and their families unload cars, tote boxes, file paperwork and assisted in any way possible.

“The Cat Crew brought everything up here super fast,” said freshman Camden Werner. “That was really, really cool.”

She and her new roommate freshman Alina Guteierrez worked to set their room up perfectly as they begin their college journey.

“I’m really excited for my classes because I know I’ll get to learn a lot of really cool things,” said Werner. “I’m also really excited to get to live independently with a roommate.”

The Week of Welcome for freshmen students begins with move-in Thursday, Aug. 14, and includes circle meetings with group leaders to discuss the common reading “Ready Player One,” Convocation and the Bobcat Marketplace.

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