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Banned: Freedom University and The Modern Segregation of Undocumented Students in Georgia

Nov 13 2019 - 5:00pm
Arts & Sciences Auditorium 2-63

Banned: Freedom University and The Modern Segregation of Undocumented Students in Georgia

Freedom University is an underground freedom school for undocumented students in Atlanta. It provides free college-level classes, college application and scholarship assistance, and social movement leadership training to undocumented students banned from equal access to public universities in Georgia. Freedom University educates and empowers undocumented students by employing liberatory education models in its classrooms, vibrant direct actions in the Kingian tradition of non-violent civil disobedience at the state and federal level, and human rights advocacy methods at the international level. As a result of its work, 1 in 3 Freedom University students has earned a full scholarship to college every year. Moreover, through coalition-building with documented students and veterans of the Black Freedom Movement, Freedom University has helped implement fair university admissions policies at private colleges across the country, deepen interracial dialogue and coalitions in Atlanta, and cultivate a new generation of undocumented freedom fighters. In this presentation and community dialogue, Freedom University faculty, staff, and students will share their personal stories of what it is like to teach and learn in the one true sanctuary campus in the world where every student is undocumented, and lead a conversation on how all of us can work together to end modern segregation in the University System of Georgia and advance the human right to education. 


Dr. Emiko Soltis, Executive Director and Professor of Human Rights, Arizbeth Sanchez, DACA Staff Member, Community Engagement Coordinator, and Freedom University Student Leaders

Dr. James Daria
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
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