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Integrated Arts Brown Bag Workshop - Four Sessions: Dr. Carolyn Barber

Mar 26 2019 - 12:30pm
Allen's Market: 101 E. McIntosh St.

Dr. Carolyn Barber, 2019 Martha Daniel Newell Scholar at GCSU, will lead a workshop designed to explore and exercise the creative process.

Session 1: March 26

We’ll explore classic portrait paintings, drawings and photographs, as well as characterizations through music, literature, poetry, dance, sculpture, drama, comedic

impressions, and even food. We’ll begin to identify and investigate potential subjects (self portraits are always an option) and consider media.

Session 2: April 2

Having each chosen a subject and started to catalogue their distinguishing features and traits, we’ll experiment with techniques to tailor a medium to the character.

Workshoppers will choose their medium based on their interest and what’s available at home. Discussion of strategies an options will be a big part of this session.

Session 3: April 9

Having started their portraits at home, workshoppers will have an opportunity to share ideas and experiment in a collaborative setting. Have you hit a wall? Developed

writer’s block? Can’t think of the perfect spice to complete the dish? We’ll work it out as a team.

Session 4: April 16

A time for exposition and celebration! Creators will have the opportunity to display, or enact, or share their work with fellow creators, friends and family – perhaps even

the subjects of some of the portraits. Fresh ideas are likely to emerge even as potential new collaborations spark, providing creative momentum for all.

Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m., Allen’s Market, 101 E. McIntosh St.

Kate Phillips
Office Assistant: Music Department
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