Don't Miss This Great Opportunity to Attend the National Council on Undergraduate (NCUR) Conference

Don't Miss This Great Opportunity to Attend the National Council on Undergraduate (NCUR) Conference

Faculty, mark your calendars for NCUR 2021 @Home! APRIL 12 - 14, 2021 | VIRTUAL

You may have heard in the past MURACE's messaging about NCUR (e.g., buses to Asheville, Kennesaw, Memphis,  Oklahoma, and other locations). Many of you have been unable to attend past conferences due to cost and locations.  There is NO travel this year. This year NCUR is virtual and MURACE is paying for faculty and presenters to attend. When at NCUR do not miss the session just for Faculty.

THIS is a great time to find out what NCUR is all about. Are you curious what other schools' undergraduates are doing in research and the creative endeavors? Now is the time to find out. There will be around 4,000 undergraduate researchers from across the USA presenting at NCUR. It is also a time to support GCSU's undergraduate researchers. GCSU has 39 undergraduate researchers who were accepted to present at the 2021 conference representing (Art History & Visual Arts, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Education, Exercise Science, Geography/Geology, Health & Human Development, Marketing, Math, Music, Physics, and Psychology).

For more details about NCUR, visit NCUR

Faculty Early Bird Registration Rate - January 1-31, 2021 (register soon!)

GCSU has an enhanced CUR membership. So, registration is easy. Just go to REGISTRATION and set up an account, register, list Georgia College as your institution and list Dr. Doreen Sams as the GCSU contact person and specify that the registration cost be invoiced to GCSU. That's it until the Conference. NCUR will send you conference information as to sessions for faculty and a student presentation schedule. It is our hope at MURACE to see many GCSU faculty at this year's NCUR. If you need more information, please contact


Updated: 1/14/2021
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