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Diversity: Gita Phelps doles out hope and tough-love

Dr. Gita Phelps is quick to praise her oldest sister, who broke barriers as the first black valedictorian at Peach County High School in Fort Valley. But when it comes to her own accolades—being the first female and first African-American to get a Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Georgia (UGA)—she simply says, “That’s just normal. That’s in my family that we do our best.”

Diversity: Jennifer Graham turns students into changemakers

T-shirts on the Clothesline Project at Georgia College.

Every October on Front Campus, colorful and thought-provoking T-shirts are clothes-pinned to roped lines, flapping in the wind—airing the dirty laundry of violence against women. This year, the vibrant menagerie commemorates 15 years of a women’s program at Georgia College.

Diversity: Emmanuel Little embodies the power of mentorship

Dr. Emmanuel Little knows he wouldn’t be where he is today—director of “Call Me MiSTER” and minority retention—without people who believed in and mentored him. Now, Little pays forward the gift he received, guiding scores of young men through college and into successful careers.

Diversity: Noticeable progress since action plan instituted

First in a series: Since implementation of Dr. Steve Dorman's Diversity Action Plan in 2013,  improvements have been made to raise numbers of underrepresented faculty and students on campus. But administrators say there's more work to do.

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