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Senior political science major starts nonprofit to help orphans in Romania

Visiting orphans in Romania left senior MacKenzie Roux broken and angry. 

So she started a summer camp for children in distress  becoming the second Georgia College student to start a nonprofit this year.

Psychology and ROTC -- a perfect match for top cadet

Little did honors senior Lauren Hovey know – when she researched personality traits in Dr. Diana Young's cognitive science lab last year – she was studying a rarity: someone who tolerates stress and meets challenges with creative problem-solving. The plane-jumping, ROTC battalion commander was learning about herself.

Class of 2017: Honors senior never let obstacles get in the way

Matthew Alexander Cline did pretty much everything in college. But, unless he tells you, an important distinguishing feature in his life would go unnoticed.

Class of 2017: Senior breaks national records for intramural wins

The “winningest intramural player of all time” – that’s what ImLeagues, a website that tracks college intramurals, calls Georgia College senior Nathan Vickroy.

Class of 2017: Acting brings senior closer to becoming a super hero

Watching movies as a child, Jeremy Colwell noticed there weren’t super heroes in real life. But, if he grew up to be an actor, he’d get paid to be one.

Acting also didn’t deliver the same bruises as football. So, early in high school, he ditched the field for the stage and never looked back.

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