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Georgia Education Mentorship program celebrates 15 years of developing Georgia College’s leaders

The Georgia Education Mentorship (GEM) Program—a one-of-a-kind partnership between the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and Georgia College— pairs leaders from the Chamber with juniors and seniors. 

First-class leadership is expected and delivered daily

Being prepared with no margin for failure is something that Richard Kerr, ’08, material control officer for Helicopter Marine Experimental Squadron 1, is tasked with daily. He and two other officers are responsible for 40 marines and sailors who assure that Marine One and 12 MV-22 Ospreys are equipped to swiftly and smoothly fly the president, his staff, Secret Service and press.

Early College student embraces the Liberal Arts experience

Fidelis Folifac is anticipating his return to Georgia College, only this time as a first-year student. In May, he graduated from Georgia College Early College (GCEC), a public middle and high school on Georgia College’s campus that allows students an opportunity to receive an alternative to traditional education while earning college credit on GC’s campus.

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