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There’s a chill - but not in the air - at Georgia College physics lab

There’s a tiny spot on campus that’s colder than Vostak, Antarctica, where the earth’s lowest temperature was recorded. The small cylinder compartment in a cramped physics lab at Georgia College is even colder than the moon’s frigid, negative 378 degrees Fahrenheit.

First student in university history graduates with physics, chemistry and math majors

Matthew Hilliard

After the excitement of graduation day settles, many newly minted Georgia College alumni will inevitably begin the search for that perfect spot on the mantle to display their degree. For graduate Matthew Hilliard, that task might prove challenging. 

On Saturday, May 10, Hilliard was the first in Georgia College history to graduate with three majors in physics, chemistry and math. Triple majors are rare at the university, but degrees in these three areas of study together have never been achieved before.

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