Criminal Justice Reentry Simulation and Dialogue

Criminal Justice Reentry Simulation and Dialogue

The Criminal Justice Program is conducting a Reentry Simulation hosted by Dr. Alesa Liles in conjunction with the Offender Alumni Association and Dr. Stacy Moak from the University of Alabama-Birmingham. This simulation was developed by the Department of Justice to simulate the struggles and challenges faced by individuals who are transitioning from incarceration back into society. Each participant assumes the identity of an ex-offender and receives a packet of materials explaining the reentrant’s criminal background, current living situation, current job situation, and the specific weekly tasks that must be accomplished in order to avoid the risk of being sent back to prison. 

The goal of this simulation is for participants to gain an understanding of the significant obstacles faced by men and women attempting to navigate the system upon their release from incarceration and returning home to their communities. Any faculty, staff, students, and community members are invited to participate. 

After the simulation, there will be an opportunity to discuss the complexities of the process and the obstacles returning citizens face.

The event will be held in the Museum Education room in the Library on April 21st at 1pm.

Register for the event here as a participant or volunteer to assist: 

Updated: 2022-04-13
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