Update from Strategic Planning Steering Committee: Aspirational Universities

Update from Strategic Planning Steering Committee: Aspirational Universities

Dear Campus Community:

Earlier this year during the State of the University address, President Cox spoke about our intention to identify best practices being implemented by top-tier universities across the country. This presents the campus community with an opportunity to reach for new heights as we collectively pursue preeminence in the work that we do. Planning for the university’s next strategic plan is currently underway, and a subcommittee has been tasked to identify aspirational institutions to model aspects for GC’s new strategic goals. Potential aspirational institutions may exhibit unique strengths or differentiators that, if adapted successfully, could help shape the trajectory of success that Georgia College currently enjoys.

As an initial effort, the subcommittee has identified the following institutions:

  1. Bradley University
  2. California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo
  3. Christopher Newport University
  4. James Madison University
  5. College of New Jersey
  6. Truman State University
  7. College of Charleston
  8. Emerson College
  9. SUNY College of Geneseo
  10. Elon University


These institutions are not listed in any particular order. The Steering Committee was keen to ensure that the vast majority of these institutions would be public universities, although we also agreed that much can be learned from select private institutions as well. The initial effort to generate this list took into account several factors, including their national recognition and performance on key metrics – including retention and graduation rates, student-faculty ratios, alumni engagement, peer assessments and other markers of quality. 

The aspirational peers committee is also interested in hearing perspectives from the campus community. Specifically, if there are additional universities that you feel would be particularly instructive to our study, please click on the following link to submit additional suggestions by April 23. Ultimately, we are looking for specific examples of what these institutions do particularly well – across a broad range of areas that are of strategic interest to the success of Georgia College and the students that we serve. 

Kind Regards,

Dr. Holley Roberts
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Director of The Graduate School
Co-Chair  of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee


Dr. Diana Young
Associate Professor, Department of Psychological Science
Co-Chair of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee


Dr. Shawn Brooks
Vice President for Student Life
Co-Chair of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Updated: 2022-04-13
Brittiny Johnson
University Communications