Having healthy conversations about Mental Health

Having healthy conversations about Mental Health

The end of the semester is near! Maybe you have felt that in your stress levels lately. Maybe you have been worried about a friend or classmate but didn't know how to reach out or what to say. Georgia College has many resources to help you or someone you are concerned about. 

Take the Kognito 1 hour course to learn healthy ways to respond to someone who is having a mental health challenge. This course will give you a unique opportunity to learn how to interact with others through a virtual experience.  You choose how you would respond in different situations and the program gives you feedback about your responses. Kognito provides users confidence in talking to others about their mental health. 

The program is available to all of GC for free: (There are two versions: employee and student).


If there is someone you are truly concerned about- you can always make a CARE team submission and the school will check in on that person. Make a CARE team report here.

Are you looking for some ways to deal with your own stress levels? 
Check out the GC Mental Health Lookbook to see all different kinds of tools that are available for you to use. Find services here on campus or in the Milledgeville community, as well as dedicated websites to help you improve your mental wellbeing. 

The GC Mental Health Initiative wishes you a happy and healthy start to your last two weeks of the semester! You can do this Bobcats!


Updated: 2022-04-21
Rachel Pope
Health Promotion, Office of