End of Term Email Information – PLEASE READ!

End of Term Email Information – PLEASE READ!


As you wind down the semester with final exams, your Information Technology team wants to provide you with some helpful information regarding your email accounts.  

Tip 1 – Change your password before you leave! 

As you may be aware, you are required to change your password every 180 days. Unless you have recently changed your password, it may expire over the summer. In many cases, students over the summer do not check email regularly, missing reminders about the password expiration. The result is locked email accounts. So when you re-engage in the Fall, you are unable to get to your email. To help prevent this from happening, we recommend that you change your password mid-May, after you get your grade report. Then your passwords will expire when you are likely to be back at school or are checking your email on a more regular basis. 

Tip 2 – Graduating or leaving GC? 

Congratulations to those who are graduating! For you and others who may not be returning to GC, please remember that you will be able to continue using your Bobcats email account until May 2023. At that time, your accounts will be inactivated and deleted. We will remind you before this happens, but here are some proactive steps to take. 

Tip 3 – If you want to take it when you go, do not use your Bobcats email account! 

Do not use your student email account for any personal activities such as logins to websites or apps, multi-factor authentication (MFA) pushes that are not associated with the university, store/business accounts, etc. Remember that your email account is temporary, used only while you are a student here. So, if you want to take the account or information with you when you leave GC, use a personal email account.  

Tip 4 – Get a personal email account! 

If you do not already have a personal email account, you should have one. We do NOT recommend that you use an Internet Service Provider (ISP) email like windstream.com, spectrum.com, att.com, etc. If you ever move off that ISP, you will lose your account. Stick with generic accounts like Google (gmail.com) or Microsoft (outlook.com). 

We hope these tips will help. Have a safe and enjoyable summer! For those coming back, we look forward to seeing you in the Summer or Fall semesters. For those graduating or leaving GC, we wish you the best as you go!  

Your Information Technology Team 
Serve Help Desk – serve@gcsu.edu – 478-445-7378 

Updated: 2022-05-04
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