Open Enrollment: October 24-November 4

Open Enrollment: October 24-November 4

Mark your calendars! Open Enrollment will take place October 24 - November 4, 2022. 

Open Enrollment is the designated time of year when employees can review their existing benefit elections and opt to make changes for the following calendar year. Additional information will be forthcoming, but please make note of these critical dates for your 2023 benefit coverage. 


After your initial benefit elections, you can only change your benefit elections during each Open Enrollment period unless you experience a qualifying life event, as defined by IRS Section 125 guidelines. The most common life events are listed below:  

  • Birth and adoption of a child (including stepchildren and legally placed foster children)
  • Death of a covered dependent
  • Marriage or divorce
  • Change in employment status that impacts benefits eligibility (for covered employee and eligible dependents)

If you have a qualifying life event (e.g., marriage, birth of a child, divorce), any eligible benefit updates must be completed within 30 days of the life event. You must also provide documentation within 30 days to support the proof of the status change and/or applicable dependent status.  

In most cases, your coverage will begin the first calendar day of the month following the qualifying life event, unless your qualifying event occurs on the first calendar day of the month or if your event is birth/adoption. In these two instances, your coverage will be effective the date of the event, except for spending accounts and critical illness.  

Updated: 2022-07-29
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