Participate in the Imagine 2030 University Strategic Plan

Participate in the Imagine 2030 University Strategic Plan

Dear Campus Community: 

We are pleased to share several updates from the Strategic Planning Steering Committee and its subcommittees.   

Through this strategic planning process, we are encouraging the campus community and our many internal and external stakeholders to share visions and dreams for the future of Georgia College & State University. These visionary ideas and recommendations will inform us as we collectively develop the next strategic plan. This year’s planning process, Imagine 2030, aims to identify all the ways we can boldly move toward the future.  

In order for you to engage and remain informed about the progress of the strategic planning process, we invite you to explore the Imagine 2030 website.  There you will find President Cathy Cox’s charge and specific ways to engage, including upcoming focus group sessions that will be held in late September.

MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD and sign up for a focus group!

Members of the committee are visiting aspirational universities to better understand how some of the nation’s best institutions of higher education provide an outstanding liberal arts education. These insights along with information from focus groups, survey responses, student feedback, Presidential Listening Sessions, and a variety of reports (Academic Innovation Task Force, Graduate Education Task Force, Quality Enhancement Plan, etc.) will provide the foundation for the formation of our guiding pillars. 

We are so excited to engage all stakeholders in this critical process so that we can propel the university into the future.  

Sign up now for a focus group!

Warm Regards, 

Strategic Planning Steering Committee 

Updated: 2022-09-21
Strategic Planning Committee