New License Plate Readers Prompt New Parking Rules for 2023

New License Plate Readers Prompt New Parking Rules for 2023

Beginning January 3, 2023, Georgia College Parking Services will be implementing a soft launch of License Plate Recognition (LPR) in all campus parking lots and your vehicle’s license plate will be your university parking permit.  Before returning to campus from the holiday break, please review your account on Georgia College's Aims Parking website to ensure your vehicle and tag number are registered to your parking account and you know your permit designation.  You will be able to register as many vehicles as you like to your account to avoid receiving a "failure to display" citation when switching vehicles.  

We will also begin enforcing back-in and pull-through parking.  Since your license plate is your parking permit, it must be visible for the LPR system to read. The first back-in offense will result in a warning.  After the warning, a $10.00 fine will be issued.  

Lastly, GCSU Parking Services will no longer issue paper parking tickets.  All tickets will be sent electronically through your GC email account.  Failure to check your email does not exempt you from tickets and fines.  To avoid getting a citation, be sure that your vehicle is registered, you are parked in the appropriate lot for your permit (R-resident, C-commuter, P-perimeter. G-guest, E-employee), and avoid parking in service spaces, shuttle stops, fire lanes, grassy areas, curbs, reserved spaces, etc.  There are signs visible at the entrance of all lots and you can view the interactive parking map.  

This will be a huge improvement to parking operations and lot compliance.  Please contact the Parking and Transportation Office if you have any questions and we thank you for your cooperation. 

Updated: 2023-01-09
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