Available for Ordering: New Name Tags and Stationery Materials

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Available for Ordering: New Name Tags and Stationery Materials

Dear Campus Community, 

Earlier this spring at the State of the University address, President Cox unveiled a modified university logo and new branding standards that emphasize the full name of the university. These revised graphical standards include both the university and its athletic programs.

We are pleased to inform the campus community that stationery and name tags are now available to order for all departments and offices. Please replace these items as they represent our current branding standards.

To order stationery and business cards, fill out the form located here: www.gcsu.edu/creativeservices.

To order our new simplified name tags, visit: www.gcsu.edu/nametag.

Over the next few weeks and months, GCSU will continue implementing our branding standards and modified logos across all our visual touch points, digital spaces and locations throughout campus.

Kind Regards,


Omar Odeh
Associate Vice President for Strategic Communications
Office of University Communications

Updated: 2023-05-23
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