SRIS - Spring 2020

SRIS - Spring 2020

What used to be known as the Faculty Information Form (FIF) is now called the Objective Selection Form (OSF) and is now open for the Spring semester through April 27, 2020. The results of the survey will be distributed after the end of the grading submission period and made available to faculty, chairs, and deans, following the organizational chart for the university.

How-to Guides (provided by CampusLabs): 

Training Videos (provided by CampusLabs): 

Please be sure to encourage your students to complete the Student Rating of Instruction Survey (SRIS).  We need to push for a 65% completion rate or higher in order for us to have usable numbers.  If you want to find out how your classes are doing, please visit  Log in using your Unify credentials.  When you can see your completion rates, the following words are defined:

  • “Active” indicates that the survey is still open and accepting responses from students.
  • “Results” indicates the date and time the survey results will be available for review. 
  • “Response Rate” indicates the overall percentage of students who have responded to the survey. 
  • “Enrolled Students” represents the current number of students enrolled in the class as reported in Banner. 


This is a quick guide to provide some background on how to locate SRIS response rates updates throughout the SRIS window.  Please contact with questions or concerns.  For more information and/or for training opportunities, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning, or 478-445-2520.

Updated: 2020-07-13
Jim Berger
The Learning Center