Georgia College earns highest rating on new GaPSC educator preparation program that measures effectiveness

Georgia College earns highest rating on new GaPSC educator preparation program that measures effectiveness

New state ratings for teacher preparation programs recognized Georgia College as an “exemplary” provider.

Georgia College earned a Level 4 rating on the 2019 Teacher Preparation Program Effectiveness Measures (PPEMs) published by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC). This level is above the expected level of performance for effectively preparing future teachers and is the highest rating awarded.

“Georgia College has a long history of excellence in teacher preparation dating back to its establishment as Georgia Normal and Industrial College in the late 1800s,” said Dean Joe Peters, John H. Lounsbury College of Education. “The exemplary rating of our programs is confirmation that the tradition of providing excellent teacher education continues to this day.”

“Our distinguished faculty members provide outstanding instruction and, as part of our field-based cohort model, our preservice teachers spend a significant amount of time in classrooms practicing what they learn in class, while under the guidance of their mentor leaders. This combination of superb instruction and supervised classroom practice leads to our graduates being in high demand across the State of Georgia,” he said.

PPEMs evaluates educator preparation programs using measures collected during candidates’ time in the program, such as: certification assessments required by the state and measures collected following completion, once candidates are in the classroom. Measures include classroom observations by supervisors, as well as surveys of employers and newly employed teachers.

Only five public colleges and universities across the state received the highest rating, and Georgia College was among those.

“A Level 4 is reserved for those program providers whose performance was exemplary, and we will ask these providers to share their best practices with other Georgia program providers,” said Penney McRoy, educator preparation division director at GaPSC.

PPEMs are meant to provide the public with valuable information on educator preparation programs, particularly individuals considering entering a program themselves. PPEMs will also complement the GaPSC program approval cycle, since program providers are required to maintain acceptable scores in order to stay approved to educate future Georgia-certified educators.

The primary purpose of the PPEMs is to give educator preparation programs detailed information they can use to improve.

“In Georgia, all educator preparation providers are engaged in a process of continuous improvement, informed by data,” McRoy said. “The PPEMs add to that ongoing process, providing one more tool to assist them in preparing great teachers for our schools.”

PPEM ratings for all Georgia educator preparation program providers are available at

Program partners and graduates of Georgia College echo the success of their Georgia College education:

“The College of Education prepared me to be the best teacher I can be. I credit most of that to the school of thought and the rigorous schedule that we went through.” - Amanda Martin, alumna and first-year of teacher

“Georgia College teacher candidates tend to stand out amongst other college graduates. I feel this is due to the broad experiences and knowledge they have. They come in with new innovative ideas that they can share.” - Tracy H. Clark, principal at Lakeview Primary School

“After our first interaction with students on Georgia College’s campus, it was very evident that this a school with high-quality teaching candidates. The students graduate with dual concentrations in middle grades education and exhibit a level of professionalism that makes them stand out amongst those who come from other educator preparation programs. We have met and hired some incredible teachers from Georgia College, and we hope to continue to do so in the future.” - Lindsay Bowley,recruitment coordinator Cherokee County School District

Updated: 2020-05-14
Victoria Fowler
University Communications