REMINDER - Student Rating of Instruction Survey (SRIS): May-June and June Terms 2020

REMINDER - Student Rating of Instruction Survey (SRIS): May-June and June Terms 2020

The Student Rating of Instruction Survey (SRIS) is open and available for students to complete through July 1. Please encourage your students to complete the Student Rating of Instruction (SRIS) survey. We need a 65% completion rate for usable data. To locate updates to your class response rate, log in to Campus Labs using your Unify credentials.

Research and best practice consistently show the single greatest factor to increase participation in online student rating surveys is for faculty to express and demonstrate how the results are important and used in making meaningful change. The next most influential factor is to set aside time during studies to complete the surveys.

We understand time to complete coursework can be limited. However, when applicable, if you allow approximately 20 minutes for your students to complete surveys during their studies, research shows response rates improve. Mobile devices with an Internet connection such as smartphones, tablets, iPods, etc. can all be used to access the survey here. Students may log in with their Unify credentials.

Students will also be receiving a notification and email reminders to complete their surveys. Even so, reminders from faculty are very helpful. The student access link does not change and can be used from one term to the next.

Updated: 6/29/2020
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