Work Order / Maintenance Requests

Work Order / Maintenance Requests

Dear Campus Community,

As we approach "Stage 3" reopening, our Facilities Management team has been working hard to complete housing turnover and configure facilities in support of the broader return of faculty and students.  With the onset of "Stage 3" reopening, we anticipate a significant surge in volume of work requests that has customarily challenged our facilities craftsmen as students and faculty re-occupy resident halls and offices.  During this time, we request your patience as we work through this seasonally high operations tempo and request you submit work requests as early as possible ahead of the broader reopening in August.  Also, please be advised that requests to hang items such as pictures, whiteboards, televisions, bulletin boards, etc., are necessarily handled as lower priority during this time. 

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

Frank Baugh,
Director of Operations & Maintenance

Updated: 7/13/2020
Frank Baugh
Facilities Management