Ms. Liz Raeburn, College of Education Ed.S. Candidate, is State Panel Presenter

Ms. Liz Raeburn, Ed.S. candidate and middle school prinicipal, speaking as GAEL panelist

Ms. Liz Raeburn, College of Education Ed.S. Candidate, is State Panel Presenter

One of the College of Education's Educational Leadership,  Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) candidates, Ms. Liz Raeburn, Principal of Bryan County Middle School, was invited to be a panel participant on the Georgia Association of Educational Leaders (GAEL) virtual conference on social justice.  

The first event was on June 23rd and it was the kick off of the Social Justice Series for the summer presented by Dr. Stephen Peters and Dr. Mark Wilson. The panel featured 2 principals, 1 retired principal, current consultant, and 1 superintendent. The discussion and reflection was on 3 central questions: 

  • As a school leader, what is your role in promoting social justice at your school? 
  • How might I prepare my teachers to effectively discuss social justice and anti-racism in our schoolhouses? 
  • What might I do—and continue to do – to be a champion of social justice? 


Ms. Raeburn said this about her panel discussion: "Some of the things I openly discussed were related to creating spaces for our staff and teachers to begin to have honest, authentic dialogue about the work necessary to dig into our implicit biases and do the work to model anti-racist work, behavior, conversations, and practices. We also broke out into zoom groups to have a little more personal discussion, and we had over 900 participants!"

"We then brought the band back together for a reunion for the Virtual GAEL conference last week [August 26]. We delved into the same questions—and discussed as school had started, what work are we continuing to do."

"My main message to wrap up was study-struggle-focus. It is imperative as leaders of schools that we are continuous in our work to read and reflect and dig deep into ourselves and our self awareness. I personally, am here to get it right….not be right…and that is the work we need to do. Be a better human to all humans."

Updated: 9/2/2020
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