DUO Self-Service and USB Yubico Keys

DUO Self-Service and USB Yubico Keys

Universities across the nation are rolling out multi-factor authentication to facilitate better security around system access.  Georgia College uses DUO for our multi-factor authentication.  Last week we expanded it to include students with the addition of GeorgiaVIEW.   Soon you’ll receive notices on Front Page about our next efforts to use DUO with PAWS and then with Student Email systems.

Many users complete DUO authentication using their mobile phones.  Information Technology recommends registering several devices.  DUO allows users to register phone numbers, iPads, iWatch, and other devices that support apps.  There is no limit to the devices that you can use.

To add devices to your account, you’ll go into DUO Self-Service (found once you login to Unify) and choose the “+Add another device” option located near the bottom of the screen.

An additional option supported by DUO are USB Yubico keys for use with USB compatible devices.  The  Blue-colored Yubico U2F keys (about $20 at amazon.com) work with current versions of Chrome, Opera, and Edge (it does not work with Internet Explorer, Firefox, or domain/computer logins).  These keys may be added to your account through DUO self-service.

The Black-colored Yubico FIDO keys (about $45 at amazon.com) work with all known browsers and with domain/computer logins.  These keys must be registered by IT.  To have your key registered, please submit a ticket to the Serve Help Desk to arrange dropping off your key to be registered.  Once the key is associated with your account, you will be contacted.


Updated: 9/15/2020
Hance Patrick
478 445-6354
Information Technology