Young Alumni Expand GC Culture of Philanthropy Wherever They Go

Young Alumni Expand GC Culture of Philanthropy Wherever They Go

Georgia College works hard to foster a culture of philanthropy on campus. We believe that philanthropy is rooted in giving time, money, experience, or talent to help create a better GC family.

It begins when students are engaged in the classroom and builds throughout their undergrad years.  When our students graduate or continue with post grad studies, we hope they have been impacted by the positive philanthropic effect of those who invested in their learning experience.  Whether through programs, funded research, newly constructed buildings, or personal faculty mentorship and relationships—our students leave Georgia College understanding they are part of a GC family who believes in them.

We often hear of alumni thriving and succeeding in their careers and it warms our hearts.  But when we hear that one of our own is now stepping beyond career success to invest their time in the program that helped connect their GC student experience to their future? Then we get really excited. 

Chancelynn Ridley's (’18) participation in the Grace Hopper Celebration as an undergrad led to her first job opportunity at Allstate.  Two years later, she is now a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Product Manager for the Allstate Agency Solutions Team.  But more importantly, she is serving on the planning committee for Grace Hopper this year. 

It is transformative to see a young woman find her place in a male dominated technology field and then turn around so quickly to help those young women coming behind her.  Her mentorship and experience will be invaluable to another generation of IT skilled women.

Kudos to all our young alumni who seek to expand the GC culture of philanthropy to the world around them. 

Gift your time always.  Meaningfully contribute when you can.  Offer experiential learning opportunities wherever you are.  Share your talents generously. 

Bobcats have hearts of gold.

Updated: 9/25/2020
Kari Brown1
College of Business